Bookkeeping / Write Up

Full Service Bookkeeping -
If you are the type that wishes to have a competent third party take care of things, Hix Bookkeeping can come to our office as much as needed to enter billing information, accounts payable, accounts receivable, run the invoices, run the checks, reconcile the bank accounts and have review meetings regarding reporting, account aging, and related matters. If there has been no automated system before we can set this up for you and configure it to your type of business and needs.

Self Service Bookkeeping w/Assistance -
If you are the type that desires the hands on approach, Hix Bookkeeping can be your professional assistant. We can setup your system, train your employees, or yourself how to run it. We can also assist you in setting up a file structure for maintaining records related to taxation, payroll, and other things related to the credit and debit of cash.

If your system is already set up, Hix Bookkeeping can make sure your accounts are correct, that the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements are correct, along with all of the reports that you need to successfully grow your business. The amount of time needed and wanted can vary and you make the call! Hix Bookkeeping advocates setting up our clients, teaching them, letting them be in control.